Millstadt Library

Bugs Bugs Bugs

Well we had bugs in the library and bugs in starting our participation in the 3M Cloud Library.

The bugs in the library are gone and we are working through the bugs in the eBook 3M library. Polaris and the teck. team from 3M are working together.  One main concern is that when a eBook is returned it stills shows on the Polaris account.  Have no fear the eBook has been returned.

Maintenance on the 3M library will beginning on Tuesday July 26th and will last about 12 hours.  After the downtime, over the following days, you will also get new apps.  The older apps will still work, but the changes in the new apps will allow you to use our new domain.

Another reminder, those patrons using Kindle Fires will need to update by downloading the new app from

Have patience.  On August 1 you will have access to over 35,000 titles in the bug free, I hope, 3M Cloud Library.

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