Millstadt Library

Our Patrons are WONDERFUL

We did it.  Yesterday was the GO LIVE DAY for the Library.  Our patrons were wonderful. Laughing along with us as we stumbled through the start of the new program that is connecting 475 libraries in Illinois.  One of our patrons brought us brownies (she knows the way to a girl's heart) and we added them to our cookie and candy tray that was our "thank you" to our patrons.  The staff at Illinois Heartland Library System is to be thanked for all their hard work over the last couple of years.  They can all breath deep now. Applause to them.  MANY THANKS from Millstadt.


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Tomorrow is the day!

April 9, 2013 is the day the new program, that will connect all libraries in Southern Illinois, will start.  It is a great undertaking and has been in the works for more than 2 years.  While we plan for it to work we all know how computers are.  So if you have any trouble have patience with us and we promise we will continue to do our best to get books or whatever items you are looking for to you.  Best wishes to all of us and especially those at the system who have worked so hard at setting this up.

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New Software

Today is the start of the process of converting the Library System over to the new software that will make us the largest Library System in the state.  Remember to bring your Library Card with you because we will have to have that to check out any materials.  If you have your "numbers" memorized that will also work.  We are sorry for any inconvience but it will be worth it.

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