Millstadt Library

Cold Outside

It may be cold outside but the Library is warm and full of good books to help keep you warm and inside during the winter months.

Thanks to all our wonderful patrons who brought us candy, popcorn and cookies.  Christmas went well for all the librarians and we are ready to start the new year.

The 2 year old magazines are being pulled off the shelf and will be available for purchase next week for $.10 each.  We are also going to clean out our cookbook section starting next week and they will be available for $.25 each.

You never know what treasures you will find.



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Library Closed

The Library will be closed for Thanksgiving but open the day after.  We will be putting up the Christmas Tree.  Every year for as long as I have been working here the tree is decorated by ornaments made by the Girl Scouts organization of the Village.  Come see out beautiful tree.

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November meeting changed

The date of the November Millstadt Library Board Meeting has been changed from Wednesday the 11th to Thursday the 12th of November.  The time and location are still the same.

Thank you.

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October reading program

We are ready to start our October Pre-School Reading Program with fun books, songs and easy craft projects.   Because we are part of Cardinal Nation and the Library is closed during the program,  we always sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

All pre-school children ages 2-5 are invited to come and be part of the program.  It is held every Wednesday in October at 10:00 at the Library.  The program last about 45 minutes and is a welcoming experience that introduces the young child to a library and what it has to offer.

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Reading program

Our Reading program has a little time to go.  So if you have not come into the Library to pick up your log be sure to do so.  The program ends on July 18th and there are still weekly prizes to be given out and the prize baskets for the grade levels and the GRAND PRIZE  are here.

The program is easy.  Come in and check it out.

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Summer Reading Program

Starting June 8 and running till July 18, 2015 the Library is sponsoring a Summer Reading Program that is open to all grade school students.  There are 3 levels, K-2, 3-5 and 6-8.  A prize package will be awarded in each level.

A log will be furnished to the students to keep track of the age appropriate books read.  When returned to the Library an incentive will be given for each page filled out.  One page per week.  For each book read the students name will be put into a drawing for a prize for that level.

All names will be put into a drawing for the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the program

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Spring Is HERE

We are in the middle of our Spring Pre-School Reading Program and I can tell you "We are having a great time".  The weather did not cooperate the first week but has been great the last couple of Wednesdays.

The St. Pat's Hats have been made.

The Bird Feeders are done.

The Easter Baskets are ready to be worked on.

Good fun times at the Millstadt Library


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Fall Pre-school Reading Program

It's Fall.

That means the Pre-School Reading Program is about to start.  Wednesday mornings in October find lots of activity at the Library as the program for preschoolers ages 2-5 gets under way.  Held at 10:00 the kids, with an adult, come to listen to books, do crafts and have fun.  And because the Library is closed to the public we do not have to worry about noise.  So it is fun and relaxed and an introduction to the Library and what it has to offer.

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4th Delivery

Starting the week of September 23rd. we will have a 4th delivery day added to our delivery schedule from the System.  We will now receive requested items on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We are getting the extra day because our volume of requested items, coming in and going out, has increased.  So thanks for keeping us busy.

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Update on IHLS

Just to let you know.  The Illinois Hartland Library System is now 475 members strong and we are a part of it.  Through our combined databases we offer millions and millions of books, CDs, DVDs and whatever else you, the public, might want.

We realize we are physically a "small" library but our reach will reach mid Illinois to the southern tip of the state.  Combining a internet database and a delivery system we can pull any item off of any library shelf and deliver it to you.

We are proud to offer you this service.

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