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Pre-School Reading Program

Here we go again.  I can't  believe its been almost 6 months since the fall program.  But it is almost March and that means the Pre-School Reading Program is just about here.  The program is for preschoolers, ages 2 - 5.  We will read book, do crafts and have fun , they always have something to take home with them.  The program, held twice a year, in October and March, is geared for young children so an adult must stay with them to keep them comfortable.  Every Wednesday in March at 10:00 we open the doors for the children.  Because the library is closed at that time we do not have to be concerned about noise or room.  There is no cost and you do not have to register for the program.  If you have any questions give us a call, 476-1887 Mon.-Thurs. 12-8, Fri.-Sat. 10-2

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Fall and the Pre-School Reading Program are here

I love fall and I love having the Pre-school children here at the Library for the October reading program.  A program, that is geared for 2 - 5 years olds, is held on every Wednesday in October.  Starting at 10:00 and lasting about 45 minuets,  just long enough for stories and crafts.

We have had about 40 children at each session but we have room for more.  We have made Teddy bears and apple trees but we still have baskets of vegetables and pumpkins and Trick or Treat bags to go.  Then always go home with something.

There is no charge for the program but an adult must stay with the child to keep them comfortable.

Any questions please call us at 476-1887

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Book Signing

The Library is sponsoring a book signing with Sarah J. Hartrum-Decareaux as the guest author.  

Mrs. Hartrum-Decareaux is the author of From Here to Heaven a story of family, tragedy and triumph.

The event will be held at the Millstadt Library, 115 W. Laurel St. on September 27, 2016 form 6:00 to 7:30.

You are invited to come meet an strong woman tell a heartfelt story.

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Cloud Library Event

On Thursday, August 25, from 1 pm - 3 pm the Library is sponsoring an event to answer questions about our new eBook collection, the Cloud Library.  Bring in a personal device or play with one of ours and see just how easy borrowing eBooks can be.

Get your questions answered by Lesley Zavediuk, SHARE Circulation  & Resource Sharing Specialist for the Illinois Heartland Library System.

For more information call: 618-476-1887

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Bugs Bugs Bugs

Well we had bugs in the library and bugs in starting our participation in the 3M Cloud Library.

The bugs in the library are gone and we are working through the bugs in the eBook 3M library. Polaris and the teck. team from 3M are working together.  One main concern is that when a eBook is returned it stills shows on the Polaris account.  Have no fear the eBook has been returned.

Maintenance on the 3M library will beginning on Tuesday July 26th and will last about 12 hours.  After the downtime, over the following days, you will also get new apps.  The older apps will still work, but the changes in the new apps will allow you to use our new domain.

Another reminder, those patrons using Kindle Fires will need to update by downloading the new app from

Have patience.  On August 1 you will have access to over 35,000 titles in the bug free, I hope, 3M Cloud Library.

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3M Cloud Library Is Here

The 3M Cloud Library for eBooks is now available to our patrons.  When first told of the new option for eBooks the "date available" was July 1, 2016.  But we have found out that the migration of our Overview titles to the 3M Cloud Library has gone better then expected.

Come to the Library to get the literature that will walk you through the changes.  Or give us a call. 

As of July 1, 2016 we will not be supported by Overview.  Your eBooks will automatically be deleted from your reader.

We will leave our Overdrive link on our webpage till then and we will put up a new link to 3M as soon as possible.

We are excided to offer this bigger, easier and better option to our eBook and eAudiobook readers and listeners.

Just in time for the 4th of July.

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New eBook Source

We are delighted to announce the we have a new source for eBooke.  It is the 3M Cloud Library that you can access through the Polaris website and logging in with your Millstadt Library card and pin.  This is the same way you order any other format of titles you want.  This will be available starting July 1,2016.

We are going from a collection of 12,000 titles to a collection of 25,000 titles.  They will also be able to be checked out for 21 days instead of the 14 days through Overdrive.

However there is always a cloud over any change.  And the cloud here is that the only Kindle the platform will support is the Kindle Fire.  Basic Kindles do not work.  It does support any other devise, such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop. or desktop computer.

Have patience with the glitches, we are afraid there will be some, but we think you will be very happy with this new source.

Happy reading and listening.

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Reading Program for 2-5 year olds.

Our March Pre-School Reading Program is over and fun was had by all.  We averaged 45 children a session and 7 adults.  Everyone is surprised that we can manage that many children but they are wonderful and so interested in the stories that they are no problem at all.  Even the adults get caught up in the stories.  The crafts always bring smiles.  The St. Pats Hats are done, the Easter Baskets are filled with eggs, and Gilbert the goldfish all have a new home.  All in all it was a great success.

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Spring Reading Program

The Library Staff is in full swing getting ready for the Spring Pre-School Reading Program.  Every Wednesday in March the children are invited to the Library for a low key fun time.  The program starts and 10:00 and last about 45 minutes.

Stories are read projects are made and a good time is had by all.

This year we are going to make trees decorated with cereal. Fish decorated with poofs, St. Pat's Hats, Easter Cones Baskets and Porcupines decorated with colorful quails.

The child must be accompanied by an adult.  The program is free and there is no pre-registration.

Give the Library a call if you have any questions.

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Cold Outside

It may be cold outside but the Library is warm and full of good books to help keep you warm and inside during the winter months.

Thanks to all our wonderful patrons who brought us candy, popcorn and cookies.  Christmas went well for all the librarians and we are ready to start the new year.

The 2 year old magazines are being pulled off the shelf and will be available for purchase next week for $.10 each.  We are also going to clean out our cookbook section starting next week and they will be available for $.25 each.

You never know what treasures you will find.



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